Article in Tubantia

Following the recent PiHC project, the regional newspapers dedicated one article to two projects and two researchers at the UT: Link.

NanoNext highlight movie

“Cell membrane on a chip”, on our NanoNext project ” Drug screening on membrane proteins”.


De Winterprijs Prijs

In November 2014 I was awarded the de Winterprijs together with my colleague Prof. Marieke Huisman. The University of Twente prepared a short movie for the ceremony.

Article in MESA+ Interface

The MESA+ magazine devoted an article to me, as SRO director and to my research.

Article in Trouw

Following the interview in the TV program Labyrinth, Trouw, major Dutch newspapers had a short column about my research for the special issue at the end of the year.

Interview on TV in Labyrinth

In March 2013, the TV program Labyrinth dedicated part of a broadcast to the use of microfluidics for assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in which I was interviewed about my research on that topic.

Mini-college Lab-on-a-Chip

This movie was prepared at MESA+ to explain the Lab-on-a-Chip technology and to highlight some of the activities ongoing on that topic at the university of Twente and in associated spin-off companies.

Article in the Volkskrant about Organ-on-a-Chip technology

De Volkskrant, one of the major Ducth newspapers dedicated an article to the Organ-on-a-Chip technology in 20NN; they interviewed me about my work on the development of a lung-on-a-chip platform for nanotoxicity studies.

Grant Fertility Innovation (GFI) prize

In 2011 I was awarded together with my colleague Prof. Lambalk at the VUMC(Amsterdam) a Grant Fertility Innovation prize from Merck Serono. On the official website, a short movie bout my prize together with pictures can be found. Following this, advertisement was made on various websites, including those of our respective universities, as well on radio and in local newspapers.

Movie Proefdiervrij

The Dutch society “Proefdiervrij” fighting against animal experimentation launched a campaign in 2010, and they interviewed me about the opportunities offered by microfluidics to support animal-free research. This movie was broadcast on Discovery  channel!