Welcome to the webpage of Séverine Le Gac and the AMBER team, located at the University of Twente, The Netherlands!


  • 11th of November 2018

AMBER team visiting the MicroTAS conference in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) with 8 contributions (poster presentations).

  • 5th of November 2018

TURBO grant awarded to Prof. Roland Brock (Radboubd UMC) and Dr. Séverine Le Gac to develop a smart tumor-on-a-chip platform.

  • 31st of October 2018

Jean-Baptiste awarded a poster prize at NanoBioTech Montreux! Congrats Jean-Baptiste!


  • 28th of October 2018

AMBER visiting NanoBioTech Montreux with 3 posters (by Jean-Baptiste, Carlo Alberto and on Marleen’s work) and 2 talks (by Bastien and Séverine).

  • 24th of October 2018

Carlo Alberto graduating Cum Laude for his MSc project on a cartilage on a chip. Congrats Carlo Alberto!

  • 22nd of October 2018

Thomas Burgers joining the team for his MSc thesis, in a joint project with the CeRA (Prof. Schlatt and Dr. Sharma) and the LUMC (Dr. Chuva de Sousa Lopes & De. Bialecka) . Welcome Thomas!

  • 21-24 October 2018

Renée presenting orally at IMRET her work on multiphase flow micro reactors.  Good luck Renée!

  • 15-18th of October 2018

Dr. Le Gac presenting at the INSERM workshop Organ-on-chip: understanding and mimicking living organisms for better treatment in Bordeaux, France.

  • 25th of September 2018

Dr. Le Gac guest lecturer for one day at the RadboudUMC in Nijmegen for the MSc class Molecular Mechanisms of Disease, followed by a research seminar at the RadboudUMC.

  • 12th of July 2018

Congrats Marleen for your MSc degree!

  • July 2018

Congrats to Jerilaine, Nanoor, Naere, Dzeneta for their successful graduation! Congrats Sandy for your successful project!

  • 11th of May 2018

Invited seminar by Dr. Le Gac at the Bilkent University in Ankara (Turkey).

  • April 2018

Mcirofluidics for Lab-on-a-Chip graduate courses at EFPL (Lausanne, Switzerland), together with Prof. De Malsche (VUB, Belgium).

  • 12 April 201

Invited review article accepted in Trends in Biotechnology, with Dr. Kamperman and Leijten.

  • 16 March 2018

Invited presentation by Dr. Le Gac at the MicroNanoFluidics meetings in Grenoble, France.

  • 21 February 2018

Invited presentations by Dr. Le Gac at the 3rd UEARS conference in Cairo, Egypt.

  • February 2018

Welcome to Dzeneta, Naere, Nanor and Sandy, who joined the group to work in the coming 5 months on their BSc assignment!

  • 15th of January 2018

Carlo Alberto Paggi joining the team for his MSc thesis, in a joint project with the DBE group (Dr. Leijten). Welcome Carlo!

  • 5th of January 2018

Article accepted in Env. Technol. Letters with our colleagues from the Dept of Veterinary Sciences at Utrecht University.

  • Jan. 2018

Dr. Le Gac joining the editorial board of Biomedical Microdevices.

  • 1st of Jan 2018

Happy New Year for 2018!

  • 2-6 December 2017

Dr. Le Gac chairing the SMB sub-committee at the IEDM 2017 conference.

  • Dec. 2017

Two articles accepted in Electrophoresis for Verena and Yoon & Hoon (back cover article). Congratulations!

  • 13th of November 2017

1 poster contribution and 1 oral presentation at NanoBioTech Montreux 2017.

  • Poster prize at the AiChE annual meeting for Renée! Congrats Renée!
  • October 2017

Dr. Le Gac invited to join the board of directors & officers of the Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society (CBMS) .

  • 28th of October 2017

Renée visiting the AiChE annual meeting in Minneapolis with 2 oral presentations and 1 poster on her PhD project: good luck Renée!

  • 22nd of October 2017

3 Posters contributions from the AMBER group at MicroTAS 2017 in Savannah, Georgia, and Dr. Le Gac president of the poster prize committee.

  • 17th of September 2017

Baptiste joining the team for his MSc research thesis: welcome Baptiste!

  • 14th of September 2017

Invited presentation by Dr. Le Gac at ESSDERC – the European Solid State Device Research Conference in Leuven

  • 10th of September 2017

Invited presentation by Dr. Le Gac at the Indo-German Workshop on Assisted Reproduction and Fertility Preservation in Muenster

  • 4th of September 2017

Niels and Jerilaine joining the team for the BSc thesis: Welcome and good luck!

  • 31st of August 2107

Article accepted in Scientific Reports with our colleagues from Zaragoza (Spain)

  • 29th of August 2017

Dhanya graduating from the team: congratulations Dhanya for your MSc degree!

  • 9th of August 2017

Renée’s article accepted in Chem. Sus. Chem. – Congrats Renée!

  • 15th of July 2017

Congrats Vicky, Marieke, and Janine for your BSc degree! Good luck for your MSc!

  • 1st of May 2017

Welcome Dr. Bastien Venzac, new post-doctoral researcher in the group!

  • 24th of April 2017

Welcome Marieke, Janine and Vicky! Good luck with your BSc assignment!

  • 3rd of April 2017

Welcome Marleen Bokkers! good luck with your MSc assignment!

  • 15th of February 2017

Welcome Nuno Pinheiro for your MSc internship at AMBER!

  • 7th of February 2017

Kick-off meeting of a new project, ELASTO-TWEEZERS with Ionovation GmbH, Micronit Microtechnologies bv, Bielefeld University, and the “heart and diabetes center, NRW


  • 1st January 2017

Happy New Year for 2017!!

  • December 2016

Dr. Le Gac selected as chair of the SMB sub-committee of the 2017 IEDM conference

  • December 2016

Welcome Dhanya Babu for your MSc internship in our team!

  • 13 October 2016

Dr. Séverine Le Gac vice-president of the poster prize committee for MicroTAS 2016! congrats to the happy poster prize recipients!

  • 11 October 2016

Keynote lecture by Dr. Séverine Le Gac highlighted on the MicroTAS2016 Twitter account!!!!


  • 9 Oct. 2016

Going to MicroTAS2016 in Dublin: keynote lecture for Dr. Séverine Le Gac, and two posters.

  • Sept. 2016

Dr. Séverine Le Gac presenting at SCIX 2016 in the “Micro- and Nanofluidics for Preparation, Separation and Detection of Biomolecules and Cells” session.

  • Sept. 2016

Invited review article  together with Dr. Verena Nordhoff (CeRA, Munster, Germany) accepted in Molecular Human Reproduction on Microfluidics, Embryo culture and selection.

  • Sept. 2016

Article accepted in J. Control. Release on our collaboration with Dr. Jai Prakash (U. Twente). Congrats Dwi for this article!

  • Sept. 2016

Welcome Juliette Delahaye for your BSc internship in our team!

  • Aug. 2016

Welcome Vincent de Boer for your MSc internship in our team!

  • July 2016

Review article accepted in Trends in Biotechnology with French colleagues.

  • July 2016

Article accepted in Sensors and Actuators B on the work of Fleur van Rossem and Yawar Abbas.

  • July 2016

Welcome Stanislas Helle for a summer internship in our team!

  • July 2016

Chairing a session on microfluidics at the IC-ANMBES conference in Brasov in Romania.

  • June 2016

Later on the same day: Darya receiving the 1st poster prize at Nanocity 2016!!!!!  Wouahouuu!!! Congratulations! We are all proud of you!!!


Darya Hadavi, MSc student presenting at Nanocity 2016 , the nanotechnology conference in The Netherlands, with both a talk and a poster about her MSc assignment. Good luck Darya!!!

  • May 2016:

Welcome Yawar, Dr. Abbas! We are happy you have joined the team for a post-doc position!

  • April 2016:

New students starting in the group for short time assignments: welcome to Martijn & Dhanya!

  • February 2016:

Start of 2 MSc students from Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal. Welcome Barbara and Miguel!

Welcome to Hoon Suk Rho, starting a post-doc in the team! Welcome Hoon!

  • 22-01-2016:

New review article accepted in Biomicrofluidics together with the group of Physics of Fluids (UT), Ghent University and the University of Oxford. See link.

  • 01-01-2016:

Happy New Year! Bonne année! Een gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

  • 01-12-2015:

Visit of William Hannemann from RMIT (Melbourne) for an internship of 3 months  in our team. Welcome William!


  • 10-11-2015:

Start of Elmar Kooistra from Saxion Hogeschool Enschede in the team for his BSc literature assignment. Welcome Elmar!

  • 01-11-2015:

Arrival of Ali Hosseini from the University of Tehran (Iran) in the team for a 9-month period. Welcome Ali!

  • 24-09-2015:

New article accepted in Scientific Reports for Sertan and our collaboration with the Katsonis lab at the University of Twente . See link.

  • 08-2015:

Darya staring as a MSc student in our team. Welcome Darya!

  • 29-06-2015:

Visit of Aitor Berasaluce from IK4-IKERLAN, Spain, for 3 months. Welcome Aitor!

  • 17-05-2015:

Visit of Prof. Monica Florescu from the Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania for 2 weeks in the frame of the exchange program of the EU COST Action Electroporation. Welcome Monica!

  • 05-2015:

New article accepted in Archiv. Toxicol. with NanoNext NL colleagues. See link.

  • 15-04-2015:

Renée starting as a PhD candidate in the team. Welcome Renée!

  • 19-03-2015:

PhD defence of Adithya Sridhar. Good luck Adithya and in advance, congrats young Dr!

  • 29-02-2015:

Visit of Rosa Monge and María Virumbrales Muñoz from Zaragoza University, Spain, for 2 and 3 months, respectively. Welcome María and re-welcome Rosa!

  • 03-2015:

New article published in Fertil. Steril. on Dorit and Zhenxia’s work on the microfluidic culture of Human embryos. See link.

  • 06-01-2015:

New article published in Biophys. J. on the work of Zhenxia, in collaboration with Class-Willem Visser and Marise Gielen from Physics of Fluids, UT. Article Highlighted in the Biophys. J. Newsletter. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2NuEXNiwOU for a movie, and link.

  • 01-01-2015:

Happy New Year for 2015!